ARCO (Italy) 2nd of july 2016

European Mountain Running Championships - Arco 2 July 2016

About land

ARCO - the host City - Inhabitants:17.555 Height: 91 m Surface: 63 km² Province: Trento ZIP: 38062


Arco is situated at the heart of the northern Lake Garda region. At one end, Arco faces Lake Garda, while its other end is surrounded by the mountains. It is a well-known holiday resort by virtue of its mild climate, clean and healthy air and its position right by the lake-side. Archduke Albert of Habsburg built his winter residence, the Villa Arciducale, in Arco. Surrounded by a lush park, the Arboretum, it hosts exotic and Mediterranean plants. The Habsburgs ornated the city with parks and gardens, elegant liberty villas and beautiful palaces. The Castle of Arco, one of the most beautiful medieval fortresses in the Alps, was built by the Counts of Arco at the top of a towering rock overlooking the plain of the river Sarca and offers a breathtaking panorama.
Arco is the world capital of free climbing each year hosts the Rock Master climbing world sports competition that attracts athletes from all over the world. The city is also very much appreciated by fans of mountain biking, trekking and road racing competition, takes place a few years in fact one of the most innovative competitions, spectacular and evocative of the whole "circuit" of national and international mountain race.
Arco has a plurality of routes lovely to practice many sports in a typical Mediterranean environment, a real asset on which the council is investing a lot of Arco, offering the brand: "Arch outdoor sports."


As if the breathtaking panoramas, nature reserves and botanical gardens were not enough, the area also plays host to numerous medieval country houses, churches, palazzos, piazzas, hidden alleyways and archaeological sites. The enchanting lake is surrounded by ancient city walls, castles, villages that with their history and identity make up the Garda Trentino. Come and discover this area, you’ll find constant pleasant surprises. If you visit Riva del Garda a lively small town welcomes and accomodates you in any time of the year; its old town centre appears with the distinguishing Lake Garda style. You can still see the gates of the medieval town walls; a superb tower standing and dominating the harbour on the lake; the aristocratic palazzos of the piazzas testify the styles of the different dominations; the Rocca, the full of charme castle of medieval origin, is silhouetted imposing on the horizon; a severe baroque church has a beautiful interior; upwards, on the mountain, a recent restored Venetian bulwarkrises above the town; around a verdant hill with olive groves is an interesting biotope, offering also a route among the fortresses of the Great War. Just out of the old town centre there is the spectacular waterfall of Varone inside a very impressive gorge. On the lake a really dreaming beach and a walk along the coast with a striking view. A little higher up, in an exceptional position over the hinterland north of the lake, lays Tenno with the homonymous castle, not far from here the village of Canale, one of the most beautiful medieval townships of Italy; from here you can reach, on foot too, an alpine lake with turquoise green water. Placed in the verdant plane of the Upper Garda there is Arco with its old town centre, among Renaissance palazzos and Liberty villas; the town developes around the cliff, on which stands the ancient castle; under it the Arboretum, and moreover a palpable Hapsburg atmosphere is everywhere. Birthplace of the painter Giovanni Segantini, Arco is nowadays the home for climbing lovers. A few kilometres from here there is Drena, its castle and the ancient chestnut woods, a haven of peace; close to it is Dro with its ancient vaults and the tower, the Roman bridge, the silence of the orchards


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