ARCO (Italy) 2nd of july 2016

European Mountain Running Championships - Arco 2 July 2016

Welcome messages

Comune di Arco

Since last summer I can boast in my office and look with all pride to the banner of the European Mountain Running Championships.
This symbol represents my expectation , that of the City Council and of our entire city, together with our community, for the important meeting that is the fifteenth edition of the greatest continental event of Mountain running.
For an territory like ours, known throughout Europe for the strong commitment to outdoor sports, this is one more other "real gem", which the City Council is particularly satisfied with and proud.
We are talking about a sporting event as spectacular as well as impressive which at the same time gives a great value and image to our city and to the entire area of Garda Trentino and the most beautiful views that one can admire.
I want to express our heartfelt congratulations to the organizers, who for years have been working to achieve this important goal. A sincere thank you which I extend to all the volunteers who work with the organization and demonstrate, once again, that the point strength of our community lies in its extraordinary kind of volunteeringat, able to organize international events.

Mayor of Arco
Dr. Alessandro Betta

Arco is best known for climbing, thanks to the many rocks , the famous Rock Master Festival and for hosting the World Cup in 2011; but Mountain Running is a sport that suites just as well on our territory that we usually define as a large outdoor gym. Arco is an ideal location for Mountain Running because it is able to match a great technical run course to a landscape of great fascination.
Our wonderful castle that dominates the town is surrounded by a large olive grove with plenty of trails, paths and small roads.
The combination of the natural olive grove dimension to the historical center of the city, once inside the walls of the castle, I think it's really unique. I wish with all my heart all participants great sporting success and to the spectators to enjoy a thrilling entertainment and the natural beauties of our area.

Councilor for sport and tourism
Dr. Marialuisa Tavernini


This European Moutain Running Championship expresses an extraordinary commitment that knows how to involve people and promote the territory, as well as confirming everlasting sporting values.
July 2nd in Arco it will be a day of celebration and Sport to live through a surely efficiently logistics and a well-cooperating and tested organisation , paying also attention to the smallest details, above all that sense of hospitality of a land which knows how to appreciate its natural and cultural beauty, and also to the commitment and work of the people who live there.
The Trentino is called a land of sports with a particular sensitivity to those activities that create a strong link with the territory that becomes a natural theater for many sports throughout the year.
In this sense, the mountain running is becoming an increasingly popular way to experience the region proactively and to combine the purely competitive aspect to the natural environment through challenging trails, discovered and tested with great care and skill by the organizers. A sincere compliment to Gardasportevents and a thought of gratitude to the many volunteers, a true jewel of our social engagement that also in this occasion will operate in systematic and team work along the way and for the services to guarantee full success to this important event.
I send my greetings and welcome to all the athletes, technicians, and to the fans of this fascinating sport wishing all of them to spend in Trentino rich moments of satisfaction, not only for the sports results, able to pay off all the efforts, the training the passion and confidence in the sport and its values, but also personal gain and knowledge of the heritage of history, art and culture and the traditions of hospitality and welcome which characterize our people.

Councillor of Culture, Cooperation, Sport and Civil Protection of the Autonomous Province of Trento

A day to keep in mind for Arco and the Trentino July 2, 2016: the main player of moutain running is back thanks of the European Championship in Mountain Running.
But above all it is a great success for the organizers who see themselves confirmed in their efforts and their ability to identify racetracks with the essential technical level for this competition and at the same time to provide an adequate service for the event.
The town of Arco, already appreciated internationally for the happy union between sport and tourism, offers except the old town and the castle, unforgettable sceneries to all those involved that day including the expected large crowd .
So that's good news which not only fills with pride and satisfaction the whole community of Arco but the entire Trentino . Seeing once again recognized their investments in sport and in events of international level as a way of promoting and supporting tourism.
All over Europe they will speak about , more than they already do, Arco and the Garda Trentino; an unique opportunity not to be missed, to contribute maintaining a receptive system, which represents a very substantial part of our ability to create values and well-being.
We have to promote us worldwide with the well-proven instruments but we can and we want to entrust our promotion also to our environment, to the events that we host, the pleasant memories that we are able to generate in the people who come to visit us.

Province of Trento - Councillor for Agriculture, forestry, tourism and promotion, hunting and fishing
Michele Dallapiccola

European Athletics

We are very pleased to be back in Italy for a second time for the European Mountain Running Championships. The Italian Athletics Federation hosted a very successful edition of the championships in Trento back in 2003, and we are confident that the event will be equally successful when Arco, also located in the Trentino region in the Northeast of Italy, hosts the event on 2 July.
The European Mountain Running Championships has been a keenly contested annual event since its introduction. It will be no different during the 15th staging of these championships, where more than 250 athletes from around 25 countries are expected to compete.
The Trentino is an impressive mountainous region which offers many opportunities for outdoors sports. Travelers from across the globe gather to take part in mountain climbing, trekking and winter sport activities.
Despite such a beautifully pure and healthy setting, it is sure to be a challenge for the athletes, who will have to use all their skill, stamina and tactical thinking to conquer the challenging course.
We extend our sincere thanks to the Italian Athletics Federation and the local organising committee in Arco for their hard work in planning and preparing for what we are confident will be a hugely successful event.
We wish all the athletes and competing teams the best of luck in their races at this edition of the European Mountain Running Championships.

European Athletics President
Svein Arne Hansen


It is the entire territory, the Trentino, to be the protagonist of these European Championships in Mountain Running. Unique scenery, unforgettable emotions, great competitions and moments to live together: this and much more is waiting for us in Arco Trentino, in an land unique in its tradition and organizational skills.
The roots were laid here, from men and women which made history in this sport and wrote unforgettable pages for the Italian Azzurri. Here, in the middle of these valleys, the tradition of the Italian Mountain running is still today tirelessly renewed and passed on in a precious relay among generations , which is the seed for an even brighter future.
Passion and the willingness to contiune finding new ways and trails to improve themselves are the essence that cultivates these roots, and the values that appeals to a constantly growing and interested audience, year after year, a climb after the other.
To all of you that you are the beating heart of this event , I send my warmth welcome and my gratitude to carry-on and to accomplish together the great magic of mountain running. Towards more and more gleaming mountain tops.
A great sport event to all!

President of the Italian Athletics Federation
Alfio Giomi

The European Moutain Running Championships returns, thirteen years after the excellent edition of the Monte Bondone, in Trentino and they will realise it in a totally different context.
Or we want to say it more precisly it will be in absolute terms of mountains be less connected but precisely because of the ability to look into the future while our feet remain firmly in the present.
Tradition and innovation are the concept that made it possible over the years that the Castle Mounting Running was born at first and then could grow.
This growth, in some aspects steady and constantly , contributed to the creature of Gardasportevents soon then dressed-up with the tricolor flag and therefore earned international attention.
After the trail of the WMRA Youth Cup in 2014, Arco is now ready to hit it big and to perform in the whole mountain running scenery of the Old Continent.
The history of the castle overlooking the Alto Garda, the silvery green of the olive trees that surrounds the path, the art of Segantini who's way to become a great artistic began in Arco, the values of sport integrated in a land where sports activities has always been anchored in winter as well as in summer, a spectacular track technical and innovated : these are the ingredients that will ensure a fascinating day a real show.
And all the merit goes to the organizers and volunteers who each year are committed to the success of the event: to them goes the heartfelt thanks of Athletics Trentino.
A great show to everyone.

President FIDAL Committee Trentino
Giorgio Malfer


Trentino and mountain is an immediate association. And the mountains takes us back to ancient and severe values such as the difficulty to conquer it but also to current values a for conservation and respect for this environment.
Mountain running is a challenging sport that requires hard work and careful preparation but it also pays off with sportive satisfaction and beautiful surroundings.
Gardasportevents confirming its organizational skills, once more has been called to organize a big event like this European Mountain Running Championships.
Arco is the scene of other great sporting events such as climbing or cycling and now for some years also for the Mountain Running. Having earned compliments for the beautiful , technical and demanding track, just as it should be for such an important event as this.
To all the teams participating I express the most sincere good luck and a warm welcome in Trentino. A big thank you to the organizers for their commitment that will surely be rewarded by the results. A special note of gratitude also to all the businesses or private persons who have committed to sponsor this event and the sport, because their support represents an important investment for the whole community.

President of the CONI Trento Committee
Giorgio Torgler


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